Friday, December 19, 2014

End of the Year Lists - Part I

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So we have 12 days left until the new year comes around.  2015 here we come!  With that in mind, lots of news sources and outlets come out with various 2014 lists.  Here are some of the highlights (and hopefully the best - or at least the most interesting) of these lists. 

And please note, there just might be a second part to this entry since there are so many interesting lists available on the web. Stay tuned for the next episode!!!

Science Announces 2014's Top 10 Breakthroughs
PC Mag - 10 Best Desktops
PC Mag - 10 Best Laptops
TechRadar - 10 Best Tablet PCs in the World Today
Car and Driver - Editors' Choice Awards 2014 - Best Cars, Trucks, Crossovers and More.
Gayot - Top 10 Fall Beers
Wine Spectator - Top 10 Wines Revealed
National Geographic - Best Winter Trips 2014
Vogue - Top Ten TV Shows of 2014
IMDB - Highest Rated TV Series Released in 2014
Mother Jones - Best Books of 2014 (Fiction and Non-fiction)
Washington Post - 10 Best Books of 2014
Yahoo! News - Yahoo's Top 10 News Searches of 2014
Washington Times - Celebrity Deaths in 2014
Bing Link to People, Moments, and Events That Shaped 2014.
CNN - What You Really Googled in 2014

Enjoy the links - and stay tuned for part two of this list in the coming days!


Thursday, December 18, 2014

What the Sony Corp Hack Means to You?

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You might have heard the the Sony Corporation's computers were hacked before November here for a brief overview of the event.

Eventually, U.S. officials figured out that North Korea was behind the Sony here for more information about that part of this event. 

The New York Times also wrote an article about North Korea and how they were behind the Sony computer hack...

Now, besides for reading all the gory, scandalous, behind-the-scenes stories of the hack and the various executives' emails that were strewn across the internet  (for example, Angelina Jolie, George Clooney, Amy Pascal), there are a bunch of lessons for computer users - both as employees and as regular folk who use computers on a daily basis...

For example,  an article titled, '4 Things Every Single Person Can Learn From the Sony Hack'. Simply put, don't email your passwords, don't open suspicious links in your email, don't email your passwords,, and encrypt your most sensitive data....

Here are some other excellent links to help you protect your privacy, data, email and search history while you use the internet.

Privacy - Online Privacy: Using the Internet Safely
Privacy Rights Clearinghouse: Children's Online Privacy - A Resource Guide For Parents
PC Magazine - Computer Security Reviews and Prices
Stay Safe -  Tips and Advice - Stop-Think-Connect on the Web
Palo Alto Medical Foundation - Safety on the Internet
WikiHow - How to Be Safe on the Internet
Hubbard Township - Stay Safe Online

Enjoy your time on the web!


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Global Economy

Hi All,

The title of this post should almost certainly get your attention.  I'm not going to sit on a soapbox and preach about various economic issues...that's not my place.  As a librarian, I like to present the patron - or the blog reader in this case - with the information and let the patron/reader come to his or her own conclusion.  Fair enough - I hope. 

A few weeks ago I found this article from - a website that covers major news events. The site covers politics, public policy, world affairs, pop culture, science and more in a modern, easy-to-read manner. The site is unbiased, timely and fun to read...

That said the article I wanted to show today is called, '38 Maps That Explain the Global Economy'.  I like maps 1 (World GDP per capita), 2 (Economic center of gravy map), 5 (Korea at Night), 11 (World's Busiest Container-Shipping Seaports in 2012), 13 (World Shipping routes), 21 (Oil import/export map), 27(Megacities),  and 34 (GDP/Population)...

Awesome use of statistics, maps, graphs and charts!!!!


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Holiday Stress Management Relief

Hi All,

Do the holidays have you running everywhere after work and preparing for holiday meals late at night? Are you wrapping gifts for family and friends at 1am or buying presents on during work hours?  Well, you are not alone.  Lots of people are doing it evidently - just check out this article from Yahoo! Finance (title of article is 'Is Holiday Shopping Online OK At Work/ Survey Shows Are 'Buying It'). the holidays can be a stressful time...and this entry is going to try to help you over the hump and get you to have a less stressful time - at least until January 2nd...

From the Mayo Clinic comes this article titled, 'Stress, Depression and the Holidays'. WebMD's holiday stress tips include this link, 'Tips for Reducing Holiday Stress'. Not to be outdone, the Cleveland Clinic also has an entry titled 'Managing Holiday Stress'.  A site called (self styled as being a site that 'Brings Doctors' Knowledge to You') has an article called 'Holiday Depression, Anxiety, and Stress'.  This is an extended article of 6 pages and can be found by clicking on this link.

And, finally, click on this link for an article from Time Magazine Online from October 2012 - titled '6 Breathing Exercises to Relax in 10 Minutes or Less'.

So...definitely buy those gifts, wraps those presents and have fun during the holidays - and if you need a place to figure out how to on any of the above links...


Friday, December 12, 2014

School Speed Zone Cameras

Hi All,

And now for some interesting news about school speed zone cameras...they are being repealed in both Nassau and Suffolk counties.  Click on this link from Newsday for the complete article - entitled, 'Nassau, Suffolk, Move To Kill School Speed Camera Programs'  Article is from 12/8/14.

For an article on how much money the Nassau Speed Cameras generated - get ready, its a LOT of money - click on this link.  The article title is 'Nassau Speed Cameras Generate 400,000 Tickets, Report Says'. Again the article came from - this time from 12/11/14.

And, for what its worth, click on this link to find Speed Camera Location in Nassau County.

Click on this interesting article from Newsday; called 'Accident Data Doesn't Support School zone Speed Camera Locations, Newsday Analysis'.

Finally, click on this article from ABC7 News called, 'Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano Changing Speed Camera Operation Times'.  Enjoy the links and the information.


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Hi All,

The library is hosting a program on Monday, December 15th from 7pm-8pm on 'Healthy Holiday Eating'.  The formal blurb from the newsletter is "Join Ashley Olivieri, Nutrition Coordinator at Syosset Hospital, Registered Dietitian, and Certified Diabetes Educator for his lecture about transforming favorite holiday recipes into healthier ones by using some simple tips. A food demonstration will be done to show how easy it is to make healthy, tasty holiday treats. Preference given to UFSD #22 residents."

And that is all very, very well and good...but here are a few online resources to help you eat better and healthier during this upcoming holiday season. 

From the American Heart Association comes this entry called 'Holiday Health Eating Guide'.  Note that this is a pdf document from Adobe Acrobat and opens automatically.   And from Real Simple (Life Made Simple) comes this article titled '9 Healthy Holiday Eating Strategies'.  From a site called Sutter Health comes this article called 'Tips For Healthy Holiday Eating'.

Finally, for those of you who like to go to holiday parties, you might want to visit's website.  They have an article called 'Helpful Tips For Healthy Holiday Parties'.

Happy holidays and happy eating...and here's to eating healthy!


Tuesday, December 9, 2014

500 Posts

Hi All,

Welcome to our 500th post.  That's a lot of posts, blog entries and topics that I've written about.  So...what will be the topic of our 500th post you ask?

The number '500'.  It resonates a lot of significance historically and religiously.  Click on this link for a few examples of '500' on Wikipedia.

Click on this link from 500px - the Premier Photography Community...

Click on this link from CNNMoney for a list of companies in the S&P 500.  And another entry relating to business...from VentureBeat comes this article titled, 'Meet 500 Startups' New Batch of Startups' - from 2012 though.

Click on this link for an article entitled 'One Hundred Years of the Indy 500' from the Smithsonian Magazine.  Evidently there was a song by Peter, Paul & Mary titled, 500 Miles.  Here are the lyrics from

And...American Airlines gives you 500 Mile Upgrades evidently.  And from, click on this link for a bunch of titles (sorted by relevance) with the number '500' as the topic searched.

Click on this link from Chrome - a list of 500 Chrome Experiments...Very techy, very interesting - and fun.

So there ya have it...our 500th post.

Here's to another 500 posts!