Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Hi All,

Have you ever wondered what LOL, FWIW or ROFL mean when you see them used on social media like Facebook or Twitter?

Indeed - so have I. And just in the nick of time comes a website called 'Internet Slang Words'.  Basically users type in the acronym or the word and you'll find a quick definition of the word or slang. Easy-peasy!

Click on this link for the 50 most popular 'look ups' for internet slang, acronyms and initialisms.

Click on this link to find the definition of a random acronym, initialism, or slang-words. 

Click here to make a suggestion for the site to include.

Finally, click on this link to find words, slang, acronyms or initialism's alphabetically.

Enjoy the searching!


Friday, April 22, 2016

Earth Day 2016

Hi All,

Welcome to Earth Day 2016!

If you're not sure what Earth Day is, click here for the Wikipedia entry for what actually is and does and stands for.

Click on this link for the United States EPA website discussing Earth Day.  There are links to Events/Activities, Project Resources and Ideas.  There is also a section called Earth Day Every Day.

The History Channel has an excellent Earth Day site - here's the link. The link has a lot of historical information regarding Earth Day as well.  This link explains how the first Earth Day came about.

 This next link helps to coordinate various Earth Day activities around the country.  Click here for various links... Tree for the Earth, and Earth Day Toolkit,
Finally, click on this link for information from the United State Census Bureau about Earth Day.

Happy Earth Day,


Monday, April 18, 2016

Flight Tracker - from USA Today

Hi All,

Two simple sites are up for discussion today. USA Today Flight Tracker and

Users can get information about airline flights by searching for flights, by route and by airport from USA Today's Flight Tracker.   Users can search by arrivals and departures as well.

Results are displayed in a very easily read table with headings like Flight , Carrier, Departure, Arrival and Status.  Estimated times of arrival and departure are listed as well in the table when users click on the Flight name.  Click on this link - or any of the links above - to visit the travel site for flight.

Alternatively users can click on this link to visit

Users can find flights and track flights on as well.  Specifically the Flight Tracker option is very, very useful.  Users can track flights by flight or route.  Flight information is displayed in a table with airline, flight number, departure time, arrival time and time remaining (if any).  Departure time and arrival time columns are sortable.  And there is a Flightview app available.

Enjoy the sites.


Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Meaning of Spring

Hi All,

Well, it looks like - finally - spring has sprung!  But really, what exactly does 'spring' mean?

Indeed, click on this link from the Mother Nature Network to find an article titled 'The Meaning of the Spring Season'. 

Click on this link for more information about spring and its definitions.

And now for the fun part of the blog entry...

Click here to find 50 Fun Spring Activities from 
If you have children, you might want to click on this link from which lists 10 Family Activities That You Must Do This Spring. this link to learn how to Enjoy Spring - link is from

And finally, click on this link from SparkPeople for an entry titled 'What Do You Love About Spring?

Enjoy the great weather and the sunshine!



Monday, April 11, 2016

Superdelegates, Delegates and Voting

Hi All,

The election season is well upon us - that's for sure.  And no, I'm not going to stump for one politician or another. That would probably be hazardous to my health!

However, I just read about superdelegates, delegates and the current elections.

Read on for more about superdelegates and why they are important to our election system!

Superdelegate article from
Superdelegates from Wikipedia 
List of Democratic Party Superdelegates 

Enjoy the links - and by the way - republicans do NOT have superdelegates - read about that in the first article listed above!


Thursday, March 31, 2016

Contact Numbers For Various Nassau County Departments

 Hi All,

Have you ever looked on the web for contact telephone numbers for various departments of Nassau County government?

Well look no further! 

Click on this link for a list of contact numbers to Nassau County departments.

But wait...there's more. Each of the headings has a direct link to that particular department.

But wait...there's more. This link takes you to all the various 'E-Services' that the Nassau County government homepage offers residents.  Examples of these services include assessment information, parking tickets, contractor lookup and golf reservations.

Enjoy the site!