Friday, April 4, 2014

American Academy of Pediatrics' website:

Hi All,

The umbrella organization for Pediatricians' is called the American Academy of PediatricsClick here for their awesome website.  Click here for the parents version of the website ( - which is the subject of todays' blog entry.

The parents version/edition of the site is - and what a site it is! All parents should visit this current, comprehensive, unbiased, remarkably reputable website.  It is the gold standard for infant, toddler, pre-schooler, school-aged and teen-aged children. 

So, what makes the site worth the visit?

Well, for one, there are multiple ways to get to the same information. For example there are links with headings like Ages & Stages, Healthy Living, Safety & Prevention, Family Life, Health Issues, News, Tips & Tools and the ever-present 'About Us' and 'Contact Us' links'.  And that is just the ribbon at the top of the website. 

An interesting part of the site is the link 'HealthyChildren Bookstore'. Clicking on the link brings the user to a page where they can browse the bookstore by child's age and other ways to search.  There are links for Baby, Toddler, Preschool, School Age, Teen, Illnesses and Conditions, Fitness and Nutrition, Health and Wellness, Spanish, Child Care Centers and Schools and more. Users can click on a particular title and you can actually purchase the book on the website using your credit card.

When users scroll down a bit on the homepage, you can enter a phrase or keywords in the searchbox to search the whole website for children related material.  The homepage has a section where a scrolling box changes every 3 seconds or so.  Topics vary daily, and on the day that I wrote this blog entry the topics varied from 'How Pediatrician's Screen For Autism?', Autism Spectrum Disorder, 'Alcohol and Pregnancy: It's Just Not Worth the Risk', 'Breakfast For Learning' and 'Is Your Child a Budding Artist'?

Further down on the page is another with rotating topics.  This section is called 'Ages and Stages' - and rotates between GradeSchool, Teen, Young Adult, Baby and Prenatal.  All titles on the list link to other pages on the website.

On the right side of the page is a box titled 'Hot Topics'.  Users can click a tab to go to 'more hot topics' related to children. 

Toward the bottom of the page is a section called Your Family Health Center where new users can register for the site in order to receive up-to-the-minute pediatric health information and a monthly newsletter.  It is very well worth the time spent signing up for the site!!!!

Last, but certainly not least is a link on the right side of the page that enables users to 'Find a Pediatrician'.  Users enter a zip code to generate a list of pediatricians in their area.

Finally, and this is a not-so-shameless plug for the Farmingdale Public Library!!!!

Did you know that we have an absolutely wonderful collection called the Parents Collection at the library?  If not, you do now.

The collection is housed in the Children's room and material is in print and DVD and book-on-CD format.  Topics include, children's physical and emotional needs and growth, health and wellness, school-related issues, potty training and much, much more.

New parents, experienced parents and parents in-between would do well to take a look at this comprehensive, current and well-organized collection.

Enjoy the links and the site! You'll be happy that you visited the site


Monday, March 31, 2014

Opening Day: The 2014 Baseball Season Opens Today

Hi All,

The 2014 Baseball Season opens today!  Why Time Begins on Opening Day is a book by Thomas Boswell that pay homage to the great American game - baseball.  Click on this link from to take a look at the book.

Take a look at this link and you'll find an article similar in content to that of Thomas Boswell's book, Why Time Begins on Opening Day...In this case, we're talking about an online article written by someone from  It gives a brief (paragraph length) summary of all the Major League Baseball teams.  Interesting article...with some really neat photos.

The 'official' Major League Baseball site - click here to visit - is an awesome place to get statistics, up-to-the-minute news, score, photos, videos and much, much more about every single Major League Baseball player and team!!!

The Sporting News has traditionally been the 'newspaper' of choice that covers the four major sports - baseball, football, hockey and basketball.  Since the appearance of the internet, the importance of this venerable publication (it used to be published weekly...) has decreased. That said, it still has a major presence on the web - as you can see from this link to The Sporting NewsThe link goes to the MLB section of the site - which has a massive amount of information.

For example, there are portions of the site that cover MLB News, Fantasy Baseball, Spring Training, Scores, Schedules, Standings, Statistics, Teams, Players, Injuries, Tickets and MLB Shop. Whew....that's a long, long list!

Other sites that are celebrating MLB's Opening Day include ESPN and CBS Sports. Note that these other sites also have sections related to statistics, players, standings, news, schedules and much more.

For the hardcore baseball fan who loves statistics, you might want to visit  It is another awesome site for player and team statistics! 

Click on these three links for some random blogs of note - and of interest.
Beyond the Box Score - A Saber-Slanted Baseball Community
Society for American Baseball Research - SABR

This is a virtual plethora of baseball information and news!  Enjoy the sites.

Finally, click the following links - they are all about 'celebrating' MLB's Opening Day in 2014.

'C-span Celebrates Opening Day with a Compilation of Congressional Baseball Mentions'.  Very cute.

New York Times: For Opening Day, a Campaign to Love Baseball

Should Opening Day Be a National Holiday?

Finally (part 2) click on this link for 'the best Android Apps for the 2014 Baseball Season..'

Enjoy the links, the games, and the season!


Friday, March 28, 2014

The Happy Birthday Post

Hi All,

Here's something that we all have: a birthday.  Whether or not you celebrate it or just want to bury the date under a rug and forget about it, the day is there. Its the day you were born.

Click on this link for 'Famous Birthdays on This Day in History' from  Things to note about this very, very long list:

1. The list is international and, as a result, you might not be familiar with some (most) of the names.  From the list on March 28th, I recognized the following: Lady Gaga, Edwar Ramirez, Julia Stiles, Vince Vaughn, Ken Howard, Zbigniew Brzezinski and Maxim Gorky.

2. The list goes all the way back in history to 37AD...

3.  Users can visit and use the search box on the main page (at the right side of the page) to search by Day, Month, Year, Type, and Keywords.  Users will be find results for historical events that occurred on the date chosen.

4.  Also on are links to Today in History, Historical Events, Famous Birthdays, Deaths, Famous People, Dates, Weddings/Divorces on This Day and Deaths.

Kind of cool, eh?

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Astronomy Picture of the Day and NASA website

Hi All,

Just a quickie post today.  Click on this link for NASA's (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) Picture of the Day. 

Here is a summary of NASA's picture of the day: "Discover the cosmos! Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer." Now that's a quick and accurate summary of the website!

Note that there are links below the picture.  The webpage is very heavily hyperlinked.  For example, you can click on Subaru Telescope, locked in a cosmic dance, Hubble Legacy Archiveloops and tails, interacting galaxies back up to quintet status and constellation Pegasus.  Clicking on these links will get you ever deeper into the various (and myriad) sub sites of the NASA website.  Very cool  stuff - fore example, I clicked on the 'interacting galaxies back up to quintet status link' and I got more links from the Chandra X-Ray Observatory!  On this page you can find Chandra Observatory images by date - which goes all the way back to 1999!

Those of you who like 'all things NASA would do well to visit the Multimedia link on the NASA homepage. It is very, very interactive and has links for the Public, for Educators/Teachers, and For Students.  The shear number of  videos, images, NASA TV Live, Interactive Features, Podcasts and 3D Resources on the Multimedia page is awesome!

So sit back and gear your tablet, laptop or desktop computer up for a long, long adventure when you visit the NASA website!  

Enjoy the links and the website!


Monday, March 24, 2014

Hi All,

I heard about from the radio this weekend. I was washing some dishes and listening to the radio and I heard and advertisement about the site.  Wow - I was so impressed I actually jotted down the name and decided to write a blog entry about the sit.  And here we are!

So...what is Great from the website is this summary:

"To provide better service in alerting the American people to unsafe, hazardous or defective products, six federal agencies with vastly different jurisdictions have joined together to create -- a "one stop shop" for U.S. Government recalls.  Follow the tabs above to obtain the latest recall information, to report a dangerous product, or to learn important safety tips."

So there you are.  A one stop for U.S. government recall information.

There are tabs for Consumer Products, Motor Vehicles, Boats, Food, Medicine, Cosmetics and Environmental Products. Click each of the prior topics to go to that particular site.

There are also tabs for Recent Recalls, a place where users can Search For Recalls, and another place where visitors can Sign Up For E-mail

Widgets for smartphones and tablets are available for each of the tabs mentioned before (Consumer Products, Motor Vehicles, Boats, Food, Medicine, Cosmetics and Environmental Products)....

Information for the site was gathered from various government entitiees like the USDA, FDACDC, US Department of Health and Human Services, EPA, US Consumer Product Safety Commission. 

Enjoy the site - I think it will be very helpful when you need to find out about a product recall.


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tax Time (April 15th) is Approaching Fast!!!

Hi All,

It is a rite of spring as old as Spring Training, College Basketball's 'March Madness' or the thawing of snow.  I'm talking about....taxes.  A yearly event for those who have income - it is a complicated and arduous process to complete.  And there is always the money that you might have to pay at the end of the day - yes....taxes.

This blog entry will help you find ways to complete both your federal and state tax return. Note...I am not giving individual tax advice!!!

The IRS has created a very, very user friendly website guessed it: IRS.govClick the prior link or this link to go to the site.  Users have a number of different ways to access IRS tax forms.  Click on this link to access current year IRS Forms and PublicationsClick on this link for prior year IRS Forms and Publications. 

From both of the links above, you will be able to find form and publications for any IRS form you can think of - including: form 1040, schedule A, schedule B, schedule D and more....

Since Farmingdale is located in New York State, I am going to make the presumption that most of our blog readers are from....New York State.

Click on this link to visit the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance. This link will get patrons access to the portion of the NYS Department of Taxation and Finance website that has forms and publications. 

Users can get current year tax forms by form number by clicking on this link.
Users can get current year tax forms by tax type.

Users can get prior year tax forms by clicking on this link.  Note that the tax forms are available all the way back to 1985!  Users can get prior year tax forms by tax type by clicking on this link. 

So there you are ...a plethora and lots of links for users to get federal and state tax forms, tax instructions, and publications.

Note also that we have the 2014 edition of J.K. Lasser's 'Your Income Tax' at the library. We have one copy in Reference (which means the material does not circulate - but can be used in the library) and multiple copies (all available as I write this on March 18th at about 3:30pm) available to be taken out by patrons (aka the material is on the shelf waiting to be taken out!). 

Hope the links help - even more...I hope you get a refund on both the federal and state tax returns that you file!


Monday, March 17, 2014

Pay Less For Your Prescriptions

Hi All,

Who wouldn't want to pay less for their prescriptions?  Indeed, readers who want to save up to 75% and, on average, save $20 per drug prescription should visit

Click on the prior link or this link to visit the site.

Things to note about

1. The service is available at over 60,000 pharmacies - nationwide.
2. No activation is required.
3. Can be used for all your prescription needs.
4. Call 866-810-3784 for more information.
5. If you have any questions, ask your pharmacist at your local drugstore.
6. The prescription plan can be used at Kmart, Walgreens, RiteAid, CVS and Walmart 

Enjoy the link - and I hope you save on your prescriptions!