Saturday, November 15, 2014

It's Fall - and the Leaves Are Falling

Hi All,

If you didn't notice it, the Fall season is here.  Its starting to get blustery and temperatures are starting to drop at night.  Brrrrr.   And with the Fall season upon us, leaves fall.  Turning all different colors and shades of red, brown, orange, yellow and colors in between its a great time of year for taking walks in parks or near where there are lots of trees.

Click on this link from ILoveNY for the Fall Foliage Report.  And another interesting website for accurate foliage information comes from the Foliage Network.  The site has Pictures, Foliage Reports, Place To Stay, Foliage Spotters and Webcams.  Neat stuff.

In addition, there is a site called Yankee Foliage which also has Fall Foliage Maps, Foliage Drives and more.  Note that the site is a variant of

Finally, the library has a bunch of books on taking nature walks on Long Island.  Click on this link for a list of titles the Farmingdale Public Library has in its collection on the topic of nature walks.

Enjoy the hiking, enjoy the leaves.


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

That's Punny!

Hi All,

I've heard the quote, "A pun is the lowest form of humor - when you don't think of it first."   Well, it might be true - but there are some awesome pun websites on the web. 

For example, there is a website called WebEnglishTeacher - which has categorized lists of puns.  There are puns in categories like Irreverent Puns, De-tales, Useful Conversions and more.
Memebase has a list of visual puns - seriously, they are really, really funny.

Click on this link from which as a link to 24 Funny Puns By Internet Geeks That Might Have You Rolling - and they will - they are funny!

Click on this link from for recently posted puns and Pun of the Day.  Click here for Puns by Topic. 

Finally, click on the following links to find other punny websites on the web.
1. 26 Puns That Are Too Clever for Their Own Good
3. Pun of the Day

And of for a more serious look at the word pun - click on this link from the Oxford University Press link for an article entitled, 'The Dubious History of the Pun'.  The entry is fun, educational and interesting - and well written.

Finally, click on this link to the library card catalog - which goes to the Farmingdale Public Library's holdings on the topic of puns.  

Enjoy the links - and keep on punning!


Monday, November 10, 2014

Hi All,

Stress. It is a part of our daily life - unfortunately.  It can come at you from family, friends, work and other sources. Its, well, stressful.  But there are many ways to relieve stress. 

And because stress is so prevalent in our everyday life, the Farmingdale Public Library is hosting a Stress Management Workshop on Thursday, November 13th at 3pm. 

In this workshop you'll learn how to manage your stress. Topics included: possible causes of stress, the effects stress can have on your life, and some strategies to cope with stress.  Registration for this class has already begun, but there are spots available for the class.  Click on this link to register for the Stress Management Workshop.

And with that all said, here are 3 links from the web, that can help you relieve the stress right now.

This first link is from a website called  The site self-proclaims itself as being 'expert, ad-free resources that help you resolve health issues.  Okay.  Sounds good at least.  The article is called 'Stress Management: How to Reduce, Prevent, and Cope with Stress'.   The article is well written, clear and gives readers many different tools and techniques for identifying and controlling the stress in their life.

The next link is from the famed Mayo Clinic.  This article is appropriately enough, called, 'Stress Management' and discusses stress basics, stress relief and relaxation techniques.  Excellent article from a world renowned source of medical information.

Finally, the next article comes from the American Heart Association. The article is titled, 'To Stress or Not To Stress? You Decide. But We Can Help.'  The article covers topics like stress management, explanations why it is good to practice stress managment and even more technniques to lower stress in your daily life.  All great stuff from another world famous, unbiased, medical organization. And the information is free to boot!

Hope these entries make your day a bit less stressful!

Enjoy the links,

Friday, November 7, 2014


Hi All,

Did you know that volunteering in the United States is on the decline?  Well, it is... Check out this article from Newsweek back in October.  The article/entry/post is titled, 'Volunteering in America is on the Decline'.

With that thought in mind, I decided to write a blog entry about volunteering.  Some websites that readers can visit to find volunteer options include:, Volunteermatch, Long, 1800Volunteer (seriously) and Long Island Volunteer Center

The Long Island Volunteer Center (LIVC) is an all-volunteer agency working to provide support to, and promote and advocate for, volunteer service on Long Island.  It is a well-known, volunteer organization - and it has a wonderfully useful website to help volunteers find volunteer positions.  Click on this link to find more information about LIVC.

Click on this link to 'Find a Volunteer Opportunity'.  Users can search by keyword, schedule type, zip code and distance.  Or you can just search the listingsNote that users can sort column headers.  As a result you can search by title of the volunteer opportunity, organization name, location of volunteer opportunity, time, distance and frequency.  Which all makes searching for just the right volunteer opportunity painless, easy and fast!

Finally, if you are in the library and would like a hard-copy of the brochure 'Places People Can Volunteer' you can come to the Reference Desk or the Children's Room and we'll give you a copy. It's a great volunteering resource.

Happy volunteering.


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Hi All,

I just came across an interesting article from an old email about memory and how to remember things.  The article is called 'US Memory Champions Share Expert Techniques For Remembering Anything' and was posted by on July 25th, 2014.  (For another article about memory click on this link - this article was from this blog back in July as well.)

Here are a few other links from the web on how to remember various names, lists, projects, etc that you might come across during daily life.

How to Improve Your Memory? -
How to Improve Your Memory,   awesome article - and it works

Click on this link - which goes to the library online card catalog for the subject of 'memory'. Also, the link lists items that only the Farmingdale Public Library owns - not other libraries.

Enjoy the articles and sites.


Monday, November 3, 2014

Preparing Your House For Winter

Hi All,

Just a quickie post this morning for homeowners.  As you might have quessed, Winter is coming. It was cold last night - it hit about 40*F and the heat was most definitely on in my house....

Now that the cold is here to stay around for the next couple of months, can the snow, sleet and rain be far behind?  Probably not - and as a homeowner, it makes sense to prepare for the bad weather. 

Click on the links below and you'll be ahead of the game when you 'winterize your house'. 

19 Easy Home Winterization Projects - Popular Mechanics - slideshow with links
11 Ways to Winterize Your Home on a Budget - Bob Vila - slideshow of winterizing
35 Ways to Winterize Your Home - How Stuff Works/Home - with links to projects
10 Cheap Tips to Winterize Your Home - Business Insider - bubble wrap idea is a hoot - and clever
50 Ways to Winterize Your Home - Productivity501 - nice simple list of projects
Winterize Your Home: 10 Tips - WebMD - list with a paragraph length summary
Winterizing Your Home - - #4 - gutters and spouts!

And now for the library on this link which goes to the card catalogSubject of link is 'Dwellings - Maintenance and Repair - Amateurs' Manuals' and I sorted the titles from newest to oldest. Note also that many of these titles will be in the 'Home Sweet Home' section in the library - which is located next to the Children's Room.

Enjoy the links - and now you can enjoy a warm, comfortable home during the winter.


Friday, October 31, 2014

Daylight Saving Time Is This Weekend

Hi All,

Did you know that Daylight Saving Time is this weekend?  If you did know that, great - if not...well, at least you know about it now. 

So what is Daylight Saving Time?  Glad you asked.  Click on this entry from Wikipedia that explains all a out Daylight Savings Time.

And just for a bit of context, click on this link from Wikipedia which talks about the History of Standard Time in the United States.  There are a bunch of states in the union that don't observe traditional Daylight Saving Time hours...they are Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Indiana, Michigan, Nevada and Tennessee.

One of the odd things about Daylight Saving Time are the health affects of it.  Click here for an article that discusses such health aspects of the DST.  The article is called 'What Changing the Clocks Back Does to Your Health' - and comes from CBS News. 

Here is an article discussing the possible dangerous affects of DST - this one comes from Time Magazine and was posted on 10/31/14. The article discusses the possibility that the number of traffic deaths increases when DST changes.

Finally, you might want to click on this link from ABCNews for an article entitled, '5 Tips To Fall Back From Daylight Saving Time 2014'. 

Enjoy the articles and, more importantly, enjoy the extra hour of sleep you'll get that morning.