Friday, March 27, 2015

Pun of the Day

Hi All,

A wag once said that 'the pun is the lowest form of humor'.  Well, that may be the case - or not - but there is a website dedicated to a 'Pun of the Day'. 

There are also links to new puns, funny puns, random puns, pun jokes, pun of the month and a whole bunch of categories of puns.  Some pun categories on the site include crime, business, education and technology

For even more background on puns, click on this link from Wikipedia - it goes to the section on puns.

Hope you enjoy the puns - I hope that you find them punny.

Punsters might like to visit this site as well - it is all about puns!


Thursday, March 19, 2015

Spring Clean Up!!!!

Hi All,

With Spring officially arriving on Friday - tomorrow - at 6:45pm - now is a good time to blog about 'Spring cleanup'.Oh wait...its going to snow can it be the beginning of Spring when we're going to get about 2"-4" of snow? 

Crazy weather...that's all.  In any event, folks can still get a jump on their spring cleaning by reading the rest of this blog entry.  And when you are done with the spring cleaning you can go to the next job on your list of things to do - like taxes...

Some articles and ideas that will make your Spring cleanup faster, easier and less unpleasant.   Click on this link from titled 'Spring Cleaning For Lawns and Landscaping'.   And from the ever present Martha Stewart comes this entry in the form of a checklist - specifically a 'Spring Cleaning Checklist'. Wikipedia even got into the act with an article on Spring cleaning

A fairly well known name is house maintenance/repair/upkeep is HouseBeautiful.  This next link comes from their site and includes '13 Spring-Cleaning Tips'.

Believe it or not, Vogue has also gotten into the act as well with an article titled, 'Spring Cleaning: 8 Beautiful Items to Help You Tidy Up'.

And, finally, click on this link from Imperfect Homemaking for a 'Thorough Spring Cleaning Checklist'.  The author of the site - Kelly - has organized the cleaning by rooms of the house: foyer, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, dining room, living room/family room/playroom, laundry room, stairwells, outside the house and reminders.  A printable version of this Spring Cleaning Checklist can be found by clicking on this link!

Here's to fast and easy cleaning!


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Scams, Fraud and Scheme's: A How-To Avoid Them

Hi All,

I just found a very helpful site on the web from the Federal Trade Commission.  The previous link is for the Consumer Information section of the site - which is tremendously valuable to consumers - trust'll see why in a minute.

There are other links on the site with information on Money & Credit, Homes & Mortgages, Health & Fitness, Jobs & Making Money, Privacy & Identity, Blog, and Video & Media.

The FTC homepage has a rotating set of highly relevant consumer videos and links when you visit the site: topics include: Hijacked Computer? What To Do, IRS Imposter Scams, Checking Your Credit Report and Cobradores De Dueda (Scams Targeting the Latino Community information).
The section of the site that I want to discuss in detail is the Privacy and Identity section.  When you click on the Privacy and Identity section you have a bunch of options: Limiting Unwanted Calls and Emails, Computer Security, Kids' Online Safety, Protecting Your Identity and Repairing Identity Theft.  Click on any of the prior links to go to that particular subject.

The section on Protecting You Identity discusses Active Duty Alerts, Credit Freezes, Financial ReadinessKeeping Your Personal Information Secure, Identity Theft Protection Services and a link to Signs of Identity Theft.

As is usual for many federal government websites, there is a search box at the top right side of the page on all pages on the website.  The site is available in Spanish as well.

There are also links on the page for Related Items, the FTC Privacy Policy, About the FTC and links to Contact the FTC. Users can stay connected with the FTC by getting email updates, viewing the FTC blog feed, using Facebook, YouTube and/or Twitter.

Hopefully you won't need to use the resources on the site - but if you do...I hope they are helpful and easy to use.


Tuesday, March 17, 2015

National Gallery of Art - Kids Section

Hi All,

Betcha you didn't know that the National Gallery of Art (NGA hereafter) has a section just for kids!  Well, it does...This next link comes from and is dated March 10, 2015 so it is a current article.

This is the gateway to the NGA site Kids Art Zone - what a fancy site.  And btw, the site is formally known as the NGAkids Art Zone - so there!  Note also that the NGAKids Interactives sections requires Adobe Shockwave Player - which can be downloaded from this link.

Once on the site kids can click on links for Sea-Saws (craete seascapes or abstract compositions), Brushster (brushes, palettes and specials effects let kids make abstract paintings) or Faces & Places (students can create animated portrais and landscape paintings) and many, many more. (Examples of the many more include  jungles, still lifes, Dutch Houses, Collage Machine, Flow, Paintbox, Swatchbox, Wallovers, 3-D Twirlers, Mobiles and Pixelfaces....)

Further down on the page are links for Learning Resources, Children's Guides and Family Programs (if you are in the Washington, DC area!).

So there you have it - a world renowned museum that has made its resources available to kids and children - in the hopes of fostering the love of learning (with an artistic twist).

Regards - and enjoy the site!


Friday, March 13, 2015

Yum...I'm Hungry. It's Breakfast (Lunch or Dinner) Time...

Hi All,

A guy's got to eat. And a girl's got to eat. And what better way to find a restaurant on Long Island with your smartphone than to use Eat Out! Long Island?

Indeed, at the top of the page there is a dialog box where users can type in the name of a restaurant.  There is also an Advanced Search for users.  Advanced Search enables users to search by the following criteria:
Restaurant Name
Zip Code
Phone Number
In addition, users can check a specific box to find a location that offers that feature (like whether or not the restaurant has a website, online menu availability, if reservations are accepted, if take-out is available, if there is catering, are credit cards accepted and much, much more) 

In addition, users can Rate a particular restaurant when they view the restaurant information.  Click on this example from Ciao Baby on Sunrise Highway in Massapequa Park.   Ratings go from 1-10 - with a rating of 10 being the best. Rankings include a section titled, 'Would you return?' and there is a date that the review was created.

Restaurant ranking categories include Food, Atmosphere, Service and Value. Eat Out! Long Island offers an email list to users - click here for the link.  Users can Add a Listing by clicking on this link.

So...when you are hungry or in a hurry to find a specific cuisine to eat for might want to check out Eat Out! Long Island! Its user friendly, helpful, current, informative and easy to navigate!


Thursday, March 12, 2015

Hi All, 

I just came across this very helpful Federal Government website called Replacing Your Vital Documents.   

Users can learn how to replace vital records - including birth, death, marriage, military service, federal personnel and records; damaged money; green cards; and more - during emergencies or due to damage. 

The full list of documents that can be replaced include:

1. Birth, Marriage, Death Certificates
2. Damaged Money
3. Driver's Licenses and Vehicle Registration
4. Federal Civilian Personnel Records
5. Green Card Replacement
6. Medicare Card Replacement
7. Military Service Records
8. Passport
9. Replace a Savings Bond
10. Saving Family Treasures
11. Social Security Card Replacement
12. Tax Return 

I hope you don't need this information, but if you do....


Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Sort of Like Spring Cleaning...But Different

Hi All,

Whether I'm listening to the radio (driving to/from the library), watching television, reading a magazine or surfing the web, I'm always on the lookout for interesting blog topics or interesting websites to present to readers of this blog.

As a result, I have lots and lots of specific websites that I'd like to talk about...but don't really fit into any neat category for a whole blog post.  In other words, I have a whole host of 'orphan websites and/or blog topics' that just don't warrant a whole blog post...

This post should take care of some of these orphan sites! Forthwith a bakers dozen (13) sites for your perusal... The name of the site and a one sentence description of the site is included (if needed). 
The Future of the Web is 100 Years Old - 19th Century Ideas Are Making a Comeback...

This Map Shows the Most Affordable Small Town In Every State

Slideshow: Know These 9 Commonly Confused Pairs?

Planet of the Apes (Filming Location Video)

Homework Helper -

TED Playlist - Classic TED Talks

Brief History of the Internet

Computer Program Predicts Best Sellers

A Word A Day - a new word is emailed to you each day

Top 100 Newspapers Listed by Circulation

100 Things Every Kid Should Do On Long Island

Tablets and Smartphones May Affect Social and Emotional Development, Scientists Speculate

Why Multitasking Doesn't Work - Forbes

Why a Good Book is a Secret Door - a TED talk

Enjoy the links!