Friday, August 22, 2014

Brief History of the Internet

Hi All,

So you like to use the internet to: send email, exchange pictures, post to Facebook, send birthday cards, download games, do online banking, check in with your favorite quilting site, buy books on, send Tweets on Twitter, search for movies on the Internet Movie Database, use Google to find out about gardening, stream movies via Netflix, check sports scores or write a blog entry?  I guess that means that you are a bona fide internet user!  Congratulations.

And now...that you use the internet, wouldn't it be at least a bit interesting to learn about how it came into being? Indeed it would be - its an interesting story filled with lots of technology, history, big names in computing, government sponsorship and much more!

Click on this link from the Internet Society for a very comprehensive (they call it 'brief') History of the Internet.  The article includes a timeline, has sections on internet concepts, proving the ideas, documentation and a very extensive list of footnotes.

Regular readers will not be surprised to see this next link from Wikipedia.  This Wikipedia entry goes to an article titled, 'History of the Internet'.  Similar but different than the prior article. One interesting link from the Wikipedia article goes to 'External Links'....

Another interesting article come from the Computer History Museum - and includes a very interesting (and extensive) timeline of the internet.  Cool stuff - and easy to digest and read.

Finally, click on this link from for an article titled, 'Invention of the Internet' - while fairly brief, it introduces readers to some of the major players and the basics of the invention of the internet.

Enjoy the links - and of course - enjoy the web and the internet.


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

AppSmart and Other App Sites

Hi All,

Just found an interesting link on the New York Time website.  Its called App Smart and can be found at this link. App Smart enables users to find the best mobile apps for your needs (tracking fitness, creativity or falling in love...).  Note that App Smart is video based so users get to watch on their device.  A very random sampling of videos includes: Avoiding Sunburns, Writing Poetry, Going Green and History 101.

Below I've listed a major site that reviews various apps for various Android and Apple devices. 
148Apps - includes reviews, new apps, price drops, top 148, how to, feeds and more.  Links also to All iPhone Reviews, iPhone Games, All iPad Reviews, iPad Games, Hardware and more. 

Finally, click on this link from for their section on Apps.  PCMag also has hands-on reviews of iPad Apps, iPhone Apps, BlackBerry Apps, Android Apps, Palm Apps, Windows Mobile AppsMobile Utilities and Mobile here for a few of PCMag's 100 Best articles: 100 Best Android Apps, 100 Best iPhone Apps, and the 100 Best iPad Apps.

Enjoy the download and the apps!


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Urban Legends - Did It Really Happen?

Hi All,

You probably have heard about 'urban legends'...these are things like stuffing onions in your socks to cure disease or Was Tom Hanks' Dad the Lead Singer of the Diamonds? or Do Birds Exploded If they Eat Wedding Rice?

Urban legends have been around for a long, long time.  And now, with the advent of the internet, urban legends have become more and more prevalent.

And, as the internet giveth, so it shall explaineth - and create a website as an answer...forthwith two sites that discuss urban legends: Snopes and

Of the two, is the more popular - and just might be considered to be the seminal 'urban legends' website on the web.  Its tagline is 'Rumor Has It' - and is a well organized website.

Categories at the top of the page include 'What's New', Randomizer, Hot 25, FAQ, Odd News, Glossary, Newsletter and Message Board.

The Newsletter Subscription link has a form to enable readers to subscribe to the free weekly, newseletter.

Taken in turn...'What's New' lists recent updates and additions to - there are also links to the RSS newsfeed on this part of the page.

The Randomizer link takes you to a random urban legend - and changes each time you click on the word, Randomizer. Fun way to learn new things.

Clicking on the Hot 25 link goes to a page that compiles the 25 urban legends currently circulating most widely.  Fun stuff!

FAQ is a link that goes to the Frequently Asked Questions page on Snopes.  Useful Q&A format makes this a good starting point if you are not familiar with Snopes

The Odd News link features a daily collection of links to news articles and websites of interest to readers. 

The Glossary link  provides definitions for  number of terms that visitors to might not
be familiar with. Some terms come from the field of folklore and others are specific to

And, finally, the Message Board link enables users to sign-up, partake and to follow various conversations that like-minded Snopes readers are engaging in.  It is a great way to share urban legend ideas and thoughts with other people on the web!!!

And now for the shameless plug part of the blog entry.  Readers can check out - get it - some books at their very own Farmingdale Public Library on the topic of urban legends.  Click on this link and you'll go to the library card catalog under the topic of 'urban legends'. 

Enjoy the legends and the links.


Monday, August 18, 2014

On That Date...dMarie Time Capsule

Hi All,

Suppose you wanted to find out what happened on a particular date in history?  What website would you go to?  Which would you pick?

Well, have I got an answer for you!

The dMarie Time Capsule is a perfect place to visit - click here for the site.

So...what does the site have and include?  Users can enter the date - for example 07/20/1985 - and then have the choice of clicking on 'Quick Page' or 'Advanced Page'.

Clicking on the Quick Page link connects you to a page that gives you the day of the week, top news headlines this week, top songs for 1985, prices for various products in 1985, who the U.S. President and U.S. Vice-President was. In addition there are categories for Academy Award Winners, people who were born on the date in question, what was on television in 1985, a list of hot new toys from the date in question, the top books of that year.

Interesting website - fun, and easy to use.  And you can amaze family and friends by saying something like, 'Back on your birthday in 19xx, the top book was xxxx and that these were popular television shows?'  Yep - its a great way to show a person that you care to surprise them with facts like that - hint, hint...try this on someone's birthday!

Enjoy the site and the memories.


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Fun entry - Generac Commercial Series Liquid Cooled Standby Generator

Hi All,

Check out this link from for a very, very, very large backup generator.  You could buy a very nice car for the same amount - or put down a small downpayment for a house - or buy a beautiful diamond ring - or take a very, very nice European vacation.  Enjoy!

Oh, and check out 'customer' comments.  Too funny!


Monday, August 11, 2014

Quilting - Farmingdale Style!

Hi All,

Did you know that the Farmingdale Quilters group meets at the Farmingdale Public Library?  I didn't think so - but they do!

Here is a list of dates and the rooms' that they meet in for the rest of this year.   The Farmingdale Quilters meets on Tuesday nights at 7:00pm on the following dates:

Tuesday, September 9th in Room D
Tuesday, October 14th in Room F
Tuesday, November 18th in Room  D
Tuesday, December 9th in Room D

Here is a list of high quality, current, and very interesting quilting websites that you might want to visit next time you are on the web.

This first link goes to the ever popular website, Wikipedia.  The link is for the 'Quilting' entry and is quite comprehensive and detailed.  Click on this link for the section titled, 'Basics of Quilt Assembly'.

American Quilter's Society - links to American Quilter Magazine, Quilt Life Magazine, Quilt Shows, Fabric, Shop AQS, Authors, AQS Resources, Become a Member, My Quilt Place, Patterns & News, Free Newsletter, QuiltViews Blog and Book Sellers.  Comprehensive, authoritative and great pictures of anything and everything related to quilting. - buy quilting fabric cheap and easily.  Includes sections for fabric that has Just Arrived, Quilting Fabric, Home Decor Fabric, Fashion Fabric, Notions & Fabric, Sales and much more. 

Quilt in a Day - again, sections include Shop Online, Classroom, Television & Video, Eleanor & Co, Events, Retail Stores, Community, Customer Service, Contact Us, Email Newsletter, Quilt Shop Locator.

And now for something completely new:  I did a YouTube search for 'quilting for beginners' - which yielded about 41,000 results and videos with titles like 'How to Sew a Block Quilt?', 'Quilting 101', 'How to Make Your First Quilt' and many, many, many more videos!

Finally, to get some possible ideas for your next project, click on this image search for 'quilting' from Google Images.   There are dozens and dozens of pictures of quilts - most with links - so you can probably get instructions on how to create the perfect quilt.

Please note that these are just some of the dozens and dozens of quilting and quilting-related websites on the web.  I am not endorsing any of these sites - the material is purely informational.

Enjoy the links and the quilting projects!


Friday, August 8, 2014

Magnificent Old Theatres

Hi All,

I was doing a search at the library for movies for a patron earlier today.  I found the movie that I was looking for, but this was a perfect case of 'it is the journey that matters - not so much the end result'.

While finding the information that I needed about the movie, I came across a website called Cinema   Click prior link to visit the site.

Cinema Treasures proclaims itself as 'your guide to movie theaters'.  Pretty interesting and sounds somewhat boring until you look under the hood of the site and realize how much valuable and interesting information is at your disposal.

So, what does Cinema Treasures do? Simple, you can search for movie theaters by city or zipcode.   Users can also use a menu of sorts to find Movie Theaters by country (!), state and by city to narrow down their search.

Open theaters, theaters showing movies, closed theaters, demolished theaters, theaters being restored and theaters being renovation are options that can be searched as well.

Pictures, commentary and narrative information (date(s)when the theater was demolished or torn down) are available to readers on certain theaters.  In addition, readers have the option to make comments about the theater being discussed. 

For example, a search for 'Farmingdale New York' yields 2 open theaters and 1 closed theater.  The first open theater listed is the Farmingdale Multiplex Cinemas.  Location and number of screens is listed.  Clicking on the name of the theater yields a current picture, map (user can scroll in and out to get a better sense of the the theater location), and a 2 paragraph blurb about the theater.  A whole bunch of reader comments are available for visitors to read and peruse.  Unfortunately, only users who are signed in are allowed to post comments.

Related websites and additional information is posted on the right side of the page. And....nearby theaters are also listed - which are linkable as well.  At the top of the page are links to Theaters, Photos (lots of movie theater photos - cool stuff).   From the photos link readers also can view Recent Photos, Popular Photos and Photos of Famous Movie Theaters.

Continuing with the links from the top of the page are Video (video about theatres - fairly current), Blog (latest movie theater news and updates) and About Cinema Treasures.

Cinema Treasures is quite a find - I never expected to find such a site! I guess that's what makes the internet such a treasure - you never know what you'll find!

Enjoy the site and the memories and the directions.  Now all we need are some good movies to view!!!