Friday, August 28, 2015

YouTube - videos

Hi All,

Pretty much most everyone knows that YouTube has millions of videos of cats playing, drag races, fun videos and much, much, much, much more. Right?

But did you know that there are lots of educational videos on the site?  Yep - just do a bunch of searches for Windows 10 or iPad or baseball highlights or making ice cream or United States History or introduction to geometry or Android smartphones and you'll see videos galore on the topic that you searched for.

But there's more...did you know that the Associated Press and British Movietone just added more than a million minutes of the last centuries' most iconic events on to the site?  Nope, didn't think so.  Click here for the link that discusses the additions to YouTube. 

This link goes to the AP Archive on YouTube. 

This link goes to the British Movietone Archive on YouTube.

Enjoy the videos and the links!


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Vocative - The Deep Web Revealed

Hi All,

Vocative. Yes - its a website. Yes - its a real word.  Yes - here's the link.

What is Vocative you ask? Indeed - a good question to be sure.  Its a news website with a difference. 

"As the site itself puts it, " Vocativ is a media and technology venture that explores the deep web to discover original stories, hidden perspectives, emerging trends, and unheard voices from around the world. Our audience is the young, diverse, social generation that wants to share what’s interesting and what’s valuable. We reach them with a visual language, wherever they are naturally gathering....

At the heart of Vocativ is our exclusive technology, a place where science meets storytelling. More than 80% of the Internet sits beyond the grasp of Google, in an area called the deep web. Vocativ explores this vast, uncharted space, which includes everything from public forums and databases to social platforms and commerce sites."

Okay. with all that out of the way, exploring Vocative is fun, easy and well, educational.  The top of the homepage has a ribbon with links to Video, News, USA, World, Underworld, Tech, Money, Culture and Photos

As users can see, the site does not shy away from the controversial topics of the day.  Click here to see the Vocativ FAQ - the section on FAQ's to answer your questions about the site...

Enjoy the deep web news reports!


Friday, August 21, 2015

Delete Your Online Account

Hi All,

Deleting your online account isn't as easy as you think these days!  It takes more than just an email or filling out a websites' form in order for the site to delete your account.

AccountKiller solves the problem of deleting your account to many of the most popular social media websites and regular websites on the web.  Click here for a link to AccountKiller. 

To learn more about AccountKiller, click on this link which goes to AccountKiller's 'About Us' page. 

AccountKiller also has an FAQ page which discusses some of the specifics of how AccountKiller works.  Note the section on what the various colors on the site mean - white, black and grey.  

Some of the well-known sites include: Facebook, Skype, Twitter, Yahoo, Spotify, Google, WhatsApp, MySpace and MSN

Enjoy the site - and enjoy knowing that you can eliminate your account from some sites on the web!


Thursday, August 20, 2015

Food Comparisons - You Choose

Hi All, is a free website that gives users instant food comparisons.  Users can enter the name of one food in the first dialog box and the name of the the second food in the second dialog bog and click on the 'compare' button...and....
Almost instantaneously nutritional information about the two foods appears. Specifically users can find calorie information, carb, fat, and protein information.   Then, under these major categories are variations on a theme. 

For example, I chose to compare apples and oranges.  Under the main category of apples is a breakout of other types of apples - Gala, Red Delicious, Fuji and Granny Smith. On the other side of the table are navel oranges, clementines and California navel oranges.  
I also did a search for a Burger King Whopper vs a McDonald's Big Mac.  Interesting results, I might add...see table below. 

Category Whopper Big Mac
calories 770 530
carbs (grams) 56 47
fat (grams) 47 27
protein (grams) 36 24

Enjoy the site. 


Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Hi All,

Are you going somewhere? Are you taking a plane? Are you flying overseas?  FlightAware is company that offers free flight tracking services for private and commercial air traffic. Its free!

The site provides live flight data, airport delays, fuel prices, weather maps, flight routes, oceanic tracks, navigation charts, aviation news and more on the website and mobile apps.

Users can find flights by airport, browse by operator (airline), log in to discussion boards and more on the site. on this link to get to the part of the page that everybody wants to see...Flight Tracker.  This particular link goes to JFK International Airport...

The link has a section for Arrivals and Departures and there are links on the Identifier column and Type of airplane.  Flight information is given (type of aircraft, speed, altitude, distance, average fare and route are listed as well.  A map of the flight is also included.  

Very cool information is you are an aviation buff - or if you want to see if you flight is late.

And....if you are interested in reading more about airplanes, aviation or flying, click on this link which connects you to the library card catalog.  The topic of the link is aviation and you'll find books in the Farmingdale Public Library on the topic.

Enjoy the flight information!


Thursday, August 13, 2015

Your Credit Score Decoded

Hi All,

Some time ago - back in late March 2015 specifically - Yahoo! Finance did a piece on credit scores.  Basically they discussed how the final credit score number is generated.  Click on this link for the video - and note that a credit score is composed of 5 parts: payment history, debt balance, length of credit history, new credit applications and types of credit.

The rest of this brief blog post will discuss ways to increase your credit score. has an article titled, '7 Simple Ways to Improve Your Credit Score' has an article titled, 'Improve Credit Score: Tips Repair and Improve Your Credit Score'.

Even got into the act with an article on credit scores...title of the article is '11 Ways to Raise Your Credit Score, Fast'. 

US News and World Reports wrote an article called '10 Simple Ways to Raise Your Credit Score'.

So there you have it...a total of 28 ways to help you increase your credit score - and from different sources.  Finally, the Federal Reserve Bank has a link titled '5 Tips: Improving Your Credit Score' - which can be found at this link.

Finally, if you need to contact individual credit score companies, click the following links:
TransUnion, Equifax and Experian.

We have a whole bunch of books in the library if you are interested in reading a book on increasing your credit score.  Click here for a link to the card catalog for the books on credit scores and how to increase your credit score.

Hope the links help you increase your credit score - and fast!



Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Lists, Lists and More Lists!

Hi All,

TechRepublic is a technology news website.  And more. Much more.  As they say on their 'About Us' page on the website, 'TechRepublic helps IT decision-makers identify technologies and strategies to empower workers and streamline business processes....'

So most of the articles are technologically sophisticated and possibly beyond the ken of some readers - or not.  An interesting article they published back in early August 2015 was titled '10 Of The Best Pieces of IT Advice I Ever Heard'

The site has a list of '10 Things' for readers to take a look at - here is the link.

There are 87 pages of '10 Things' for readers to look at.  Many of the '10 Things' articles are for IT (information technology - think database managers, web designers, security professionals, etc), but some of the following '10 Things' are right up the alley of regular users.

10 Things I Miss About Old Technology 
10 Easy Ways to Ruin Your Smartphone
10 Reasons Why Working in the Office Beats Telecommuting
Job Interview Noobies: Avoid These 10 Mistakes
10 Free Android Apps That Are Worth Checking Out

Enjoy the lists and the technology advice!